The Pic Vert's Apiary

Initiated to beekeeping 5 years ago, Bruno has a passion for bees. Today the apiary of Pic Vert has 50 hives spread between three apiaries located 20 km around Doucier: * Pannessières at 300m altitude, * Charézier by the river Sirène at 430 m altitude, * Vertamboz near a forest at 500 m altitude. Originally, the production of honey was intended to be used for the the dishes of the Restaurant (Desserts with honey, savoury/sweet dishes). Today we offer a range of honey under different presentations (Recyclable glass or plastic jars, Teddy-shaped jars). Anglais Depending on the season and the floral massif of the location of the hives, we offer you a polyfloral honey of different flavors and traced. The flora evolves over the seasons giving the honey colors varying from ivory, intense yellow to brown. In Pannessières follow the flowering of fruit trees, acacia then lime tree, clover and finally fir In Vertamboz and Charézier: dandelion then lime tree, flowers of natural meadows, At Vertamboz the last bloom is that of a beautiful forest of fir

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