We commit ourselves to supplying with local producers or processors.

The labels "Qualité Tourisme Franche Comté” and "Tables Comtoises" guarantee this commitment.




 • We propose you 5 different menus : pancake menu, vegetarian and gluten-free, gourmand and  a large choice of dishes

• Starters, main courses, warm cheeses and comté cheese fondues

• salty pancakes and specialties : Jura trout, sliced chicken cooked in Yellow Jura Wine, Mushrooms and Morels, Beef Bourguignon ..

• 2 Children menus

• Pancakes and homemade desserts

• Ice creams

 Why the Pic Vert wish to privilege local producers?

• To participate, on our scale, in reducing energy consumption

• to better control the quality of the raw materials we transform through knowledge of the place of production and agricultural production techniques, • to favor fresh products to frozen products

• to support local agriculture that contributes to the economical dynamism of our countryside


and simply for the Pleasure of Cooking!

 All our fish come exclusively from a  Jura fish farm, you will taste freshly caught trout.

Cheeses that you will discover at the turn of a galette, a leaf of salad or at the bottom of a caquelon come exclusively from the Jura massif.


The Franche Comté Producers

 Beverages :

Dominique Grand's wines in the pretty village of St Lothain

Rouget de Lisle beers

Meats / Deli meats :

Le fumé du Jura

Fish / snails:


Cheese cooperatives

Jean Perrin's Edel de Cleron

Groceries (flour, bread, jams...) :

Au comtois courtois' jams:


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