We commit ourselves to supplying with local producers or processors.

The labels "Qualité Tourisme Franche Comté” and "Tables Comtoises" guarantee this commitment.



Please see our menu (drinks menu still to come !)

 • We propose you 5 different menus : pancake menu, vegetarian and gluten-free, gourmand and  a large choice of dishes

• Starters, main courses, warm cheeses and comté cheese fondues

• salty pancakes and specialties : Jura trout, sliced chicken cooked in Yellow Jura Wine, Mushrooms and Morels, Beef Bourguignon ..

• 2 Children menus

• Pancakes and homemade desserts

• Ice creams

 Why the Pic Vert wish to privilege local producers?

• To participate, on our scale, in reducing energy consumption

• to better control the quality of the raw materials we transform through knowledge of the place of production and agricultural production techniques, • to favor fresh products to frozen products

• to support local agriculture that contributes to the economical dynamism of our countryside


and simply for the Pleasure of Cooking!

 All our fish come exclusively from a  Jura fish farm, you will taste freshly caught trout.

Cheeses that you will discover at the turn of a galette, a leaf of salad or at the bottom of a caquelon come exclusively from the Jura massif.


The Franche Comté Producers

 Beverages :

Dominique Grand's wines in the pretty village of St Lothain

Rouget de Lisle beers

Meats / Deli meats :

Le fumé du Jura

Fish / snails:


Cheese cooperatives

Jean Perrin's Edel de Cleron

Groceries (flour, bread, jams...) :

Au comtois courtois' jams:


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